Computer and Network Services

by Beaver Web Services Inc.

Local Services

Computers are there to simplify business processes, increase effectiveness and efficiency, make information available when needed, share information and knowledge, as well as being a tool for communication, education, and plain fun.

In order to benefit from the promises of modern technology it needs to be mastered, not master us. For this to happen, the environment has to be well designed, maintained and transparent.

This is our business, providing decision making tools for optimizing your information technology investment, implementing the most adequate solution and maintain and support your system to optimize the benefits to you.


We sell computer and network equipment and components based on client's needs, based on a thorough understanding of the requirements; we don't sell because there is a vendor promotion or an overstock scenario.

Therefore, we do not stock any equipment. This would induce decision making skewed by "availability" instead of features or quality. It would also drive costs up which ultimately would also drive prices up.

Our list of preferred vendors are based on principles of optimized value. Therefore, reliability and quality comes first, followed by cost and feature ratio.


We provide any required software, from operating systems to application suites, from security systems to utilities, audio/video applications, editors, financial suites, including hardware/software bundles, e.g. POS, inventory, asset, or time recording systems.

Voice over the Internet (VoIP)

This is another high-tech area of importance since communication costs from established communications companies are running rampart.

You have high-speed internet connection. Why pay for high bills monthly when you can utilize the internet for common communication tasks, telephone, fax, voice messaging, etc.

The flexibility is endless, the cost savings potentially huge while maintaining the same reliability and usually even increased quality as traditional voice systems.

If you are looking into tele or video conferencing the shift to VoIP is natural because such services are integrated into the same framework with common usability features.

Cloud Computing

As your company grows the IT infrastructure demands grow. With Cloud Computing you do not need to invest in ever growing servers and other assets which requires ever more so sophisticated knowledge to maintain and service. Instaed of building and owning a data centre you 'hire' it, just buying the services you need and paying only what you actually use.

Cloud Computing also provides you with high degree of flexibility, s caling, and accessibility.



Service Plans

We provide a variety of service programs to our clients. With every contract you have access to our support system, a helpdesk and support ticket application, either online or in-house, and webMeeting facilities which allows us to test and support your systems remotely.

Infrastructure Contracts

Instead of services provided on request, i.e. when failures occur, we also provide service contracts with a focus on proactive maintenance. This type of contract covers regular monitoring of update services and event logs, router alerts and other measures to ensure smooth operations of the information technology infrastructure.

Web Services

If you need a web presence, domain services, e-mail accounts, we can provide you the right plan for your needs. We can also setting up web applications in Linux or Windows server environments. Do you need website development or maintenance? We can provide you with either an initial setup or an ongoing maintenance plan.

Project Management

More complex environments will be handled in a project scenario. This includes the complete process from specifying the requirements to testing, from implementation to education, from monitoring to documentation.