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by Beaver Web Services Inc.

What's NewNew Products

A brand new series of customized PCs are available now. Each model design follows our principles of optimizing RoI and providing latest features that are useful, not just fancy...

eshop.beaverPC.caSee our e-Shop for details in models. You need to register to see prices.
Sometimes model options are not yet online, so please, do not hesitate to contact us.


This year we will focus on providing a solid platform for online training opportunities. Online learning gives you the chance to learn according to your pace and independent of weather conditions  and travel costs.

Stay tuned for the latest development in our product offering.


This technology has reached a critical mass. It is established as a consumer alternative for a regular landline and hardware options are wide spread.

See our VoIP business solution here.

We selected three service providers with different focus on specialization. Each one of them provide Canadian local numbers and toll-free numbers as options.

Please contact us with your requirements and give us the opportunity to find the best choice for your application.



Vendor List

Preferred vendors based on quality and reliability as well as support

There are many more vendors in our portfolio. Just ask what you need and we will make an effort to source it for you.